Annual events you should visit in Chatham-Kent

Chatham-Kent is a small community where most people know each other. It is for the same reason that the events in this city can be enjoyed to fullest. The Chatham-Kent community makes sure that the people get to know the events in advance. The community also has a website where the details are updated and it is advised to all to visit it to stay updated. The community also publishes a calendar which makes sure that the people come to know the events and can mark the important ones. The main theme of the events here is to make sure that the factors of help and prosperity are fostered and word of love is spread in the community.

Amped VBS Day Camp

This is the event which every parent in the community should attend along with a child. It is highly regarded as one of the best events which are managed by the local Salvation Army church. It is a single day event which is free to join and there is absolutely no ticket price. The management of the event is great and it children from 2 – 12 years are invited to join in and have fun. The children are also taught to love, help and respect others. Serving others and to make sure that the best outcome is generated is also one of the themes of this program.

Junior Achievement Summer Camp

This is another event which is for the parents to make sure that they get an insight of what their child up to when it comes to their studies. It is actually a group of camps which can be visited by the patents and here they can get the help about their child if needed. The overall management of the camps is also done by the local community center. The parents need to pay $100 per family to get access. This educational camp can also make sure that you get the best outcome with respect to your child. The pick/drop service is also available for an additional $25.

MCHoops Basketball Camp

It is a place where everyone is invited. You can get to know more about the baseball under the supervision of expert coaches and therefore it is highly recommended. The people from all over Canada take part in this camp to make sure that they get to know more about baseball. From high school students to professional players anyone can visit the camp. The local church of Chatham-Kent is responsible for all the management of this event and it is highly praised by the locals.

Faster. Higher. Stronger. Exhibit

This is another important and the most visited events of CK. It is all because of the fact that the CK has a very rich history. The people from all over CK take part in this event which is organized by the local museum board. The best part of the event is that it is only for families and they can visit the local CK museum to get more knowledge about the CK history and what has happened in the past.


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